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This is the art plunger! Only the fanciest tools used here. I will say, this toilet plunger has never plunged a toilet. Dipping it into white acrylic paint to add a layer of circles on top of paint, writing, and stenciling. If you've got an eagle eye you might notice some of my stencils in there (hello Arches,Feelings Alphabet, a hint of Cutouts Inspired by Matisse plus a touch of Kandinsky's trees). #stencil #stencilgirl #mixedmedia #artplay #arttherapy
a piece of paper with flowers on it
I’m running low on a lot of the stash necessary to make my custom Willa Journals. Like that old Dunkin’ Donuts television commercial from…
altered book pages with flowers and leaves on them
how to use gesso in your art
What is Gesso - a Comprehensive Guide!
an abstract painting with blue, green and gold colors
2018 Topic 20: Foiling {Topic Introduction and Challenge}
many different colored flowers are on display together
Guatemalan Textile Art Print by Jimena Cricket
a painting of colorful flowers in the grass