Cute Yeollie ^^ #EXO #Chanyeol


Recently discovered that chanyeol has a dimple and its sooo cuteee ♡♡♡ but still my number one dimple is lays' .

So Kai will wear this on mine and his wedding day and Chanyeol can be the best man ;)

Kai/Kim Jongin & Park Chanyeol in Black Suits & Ties♡

Lol Suho's face! Kai + Sehun

Suho, Kai and Sehun Kai is like: "Pretty fairy coming through" Sehun: "Excuse them, they're missing out on medication." Suho: "KRIS YOU DOG LEAVING ME WITH THE KIDS!" >>> are we going to ignore the fact that Kai is tryna hit Sehun's ass?