Carl Rogers and Education
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I have always enjoyed the humanistic approach in psychology and believe it is an essential aspect of being an educator.
The person-centered approach of Carl Roger's counseling techniques. Very applicable in the student-centered approach of common core standards.

Carl Rogers American psychologist best known for his development of client-centered therapy. Also, for his concepts on actualizing tendencies and for the development of the theory of the 'fully functioning person'.

This article discusses Carl Roger's theory on how there are attitudes and qualities that facilitate learning.

How to Help Clients Who Aren’t Ready to Change with Reflective Listening Statements

A great run down of Carl Roger's approach with a funny cartoon as well!

Person-Centred Concepts: Self-Actualisation, Conditions of Worth, and Self-Structure

Abraham Maslow's Hierachy of Needs

On Unconditional Positive Regard...

Why Therapists Use Unconditional Positive Regard With Their Patients

Carl Rogers described unconditional positive regard as a technique that involves showing complete support and acceptance of psychotherapy clients.

More on learning and teaching according to the humanistic approach.

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Roger's quotes.

Carl Rogers Quotes

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change - Today Best Quotes

Carl Rogers theory of experiential learning, my favorite kind of learning!

Carl Rogers theory of experiential learning, my favorite kind of learning!

I got a kick out of this one...

The People Pleaser Personality

I want one for work that says "I am a recovering people pleaser. Too bad you didn't get here sooner.

More on student centered education.

Student-Centered Teaching Meets New Media: Concept and Case Study

This will link to a 20 page research article applying Carl Rogers theoretical approach to sports coaching.

Tips Mudah Merontokan Kutil Kelamin Secara Alami

Specifics on teaching one how to teach, I found this interesting in my current status as a student teacher.

Carl Rogers on teaching another how to teach

Illuminating Quotes from Humanist Psychologist Carl Rogers: Carl Rogers