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two crochet stitches with the words pick up and knit without bulky ridge on them
Neater Way to Pick Up Stitches Along a Vertical Edge - 10 rows a day
Step-by-step tutorial for beginner knitters about a simple way to pick up stitches along the vertical edge without making a bulky ridge.
someone is knitting a pair of knitted mitts with the video below it that shows how to pick up and knit through the back loop
Rosemary (Romi) Hill on Instagram: "Hey hey, my friends! Today I’ve got a little trick for neatening up the pickup row when you pick up and knit. Here I’m picking up and knitting stitches through the back loop, perpendicular to existing striped garter stitch knitting. In this case, the unused color for each stripe has been carried on the side shown, which makes it a little trickier to pick up and knit, and tends to make this row a bit looser. Enter working those stitches through the back loop! With right side facing, simply pick up and knit through the back loop one stitch in the edge of each stripe. Because garter stitch is square - one stitch per two rows - this method yields an incredibly even result. And working through the back loop tidies everything up. If you need to, you can use yo