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some words that are in different languages on a pink background with black and white lettering
a pink poster with the words, drop your username and i'll tell you if
what i would call u babe / love / my love / baby daring hoy
a white poster with the words drop ur nick and i'll tell you which kind of date would i want to go with you?
the text reads let's play a game retweet this tweet and i'll ask one of your followers their opinion on you
➫ foxwooju
three phases of the moon with names and pictures on them, all labeled in different languages
the text reads, first 15 repales will be my next tweeets '
the text reads, i'm not ready to name and tell you the first word that comes up to my mind about you
the words like this and i will post a fiction character that i associate with you
a pink background with the words like for a character that i think of when i see your name