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overhead organizer for moldings in the garage – workshop

Overhead organizer keeps your dowels rounded up

I've tried various types of storage for dowels, but never was satisfied. Finally, I took some 4" plastic pipe left over from my dust-collection system and cut several pieces into 2"-long rings. Using 3⁄4 " sheet-metal screws, I fastened the rings to 2"-wide slats long enough to span a few ceiling joists. I screwed the boards to the joists, as shown below, spaced so that they hold dowels of 2', 3', and 4' lengths. A label on the bottom of the first ring in each rank tells me what diameter of…

Woodworking Jigs Build you own router mortising jig for precision machined mortises.

Take the plunge-with a router

Build you own router mortising jig for precision machined mortises.

 Thickness planers are wonderful tools; but like most machines, they have their limitations. Many of them will not thickness stock thinner than

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10 Achieving Cool Tips: Antique Woodworking Tools Awesome essential woodworking tools ideas.Woodworking Tools Guns woodworking tools saw products.Woodworking Tools Diy How To Make.

Get the most from your planer

Make your planer more effective at doing its main job.

Quick-and-easy height gauge

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bed wood plans - wood pallet ideaswood pallet furniture kids woodworking projects plans woodworking plans for headboards woodturning projectswoodworking tools middle school woodshop projects woodworking plans for kids

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V-grooves keep squeeze-out in check When I glue trim molding in place, I don't…

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Simple and Modern Tricks: Woodworking Bed Home woodworking lathe how to make.Fine Woodworking Tips woodworking crafts creativity.

Readers Best Lumber Racks

Boards, boards, and more boards. The question is how to store them in the least amount of space, yet keep them easily accessible. Follow along as several woodworkers show you how they store their stock.

See the dust collection systems and setups from America's top shops. Then, see what ideas you can incorporate into your own shop.

Dust Collection Solutions

See the dust collection systems and setups from America's top shops. Then, see what ideas you can incorporate into your own shop.

Woodworking is a job, for which one requires to work with precision and skill. Mistakes during woodworking may spoil the whole piece. In woodworking, there are some things, which should be done repeatedly. woodworking jigs are tools,

How to restore hand planes

Most of us have one or more old bench planes sitting on shelves gathering everything but sawdust. Recently, WOOD's hand-tool expert John Olson took it upon himself to rehab one such plane—a turn-of-the-century knock-off of a Stanley No. 5 jack plane. Its design makes a nice compromise between a smoother and a jointer, and a great starter bench plane. And the No. 5 remains one of the best-selling models in history, making parts easy to find.

Plywood Edging Bits ~ Edge V-groove bits

Plywood Edging Bits

These router bits help you dress up exposed plywood edges.

Quick-and-Easy Height Gauge Woodworking Plan from WOOD Magazine tools for beginners tools for sale tools homemade tools jigs tools must have tools workshop

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Construction-Grade Mobile Crane Woodworking Plan from WOOD Magazine Rockler Woodworking, Woodworking Toys, Popular Woodworking, Woodworking Furniture, Woodworking Equipment, Woodworking Classes, Kids Furniture, Intarsia Woodworking, Woodworking Supplies

Free Construction-grade Mobile Crane Woodworking Plan

Junior operating engineers will enjoy doing the heavy lifting with this fully operational construction toy. The hand-operated hoists raise and lower the boom and bucket, and the tower assembly pivots smoothly on a ball-bearing lazy Susan to easily pick up and place loads. The wide-track chassis features eight sets of dual wheels for sure-footed mobility.

Ted's Woodworking Plans - Little girl and young artists easel Get A Lifetime Of Project Ideas & Inspiration! Step By Step Woodworking Plans

Free Young Artist's Easel Woodworking Plan

This fun-filled project helps bring out the creativity in any young artist.

10 Vivid Clever Hacks: Essential Woodworking Tools Workshop woodworking tools saw ideas.Antique Woodworking Tools Table Saw old woodworking tools website.

Every good bench vise deserves a dog

I liked your Shop Tip in WOOD® magazine issue 152 about making a movable jaw face to add function to a dogless vise. However, my method is faster to set up and more versatile.

Full-service router-bit cabinet Build the cabinet, for a winning workshop combination: Start with the case Mais

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