Light on the Shore 2

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an old lighthouse on the side of a body of water with a sky in the background
Collioure Lighthouse
a green and white light house sitting on top of a stone wall under a cloudy blue sky
Lighthouse Castello Maniace
Lighthouse Castello Maniace | by xeosjens
a light house sitting on top of a small island in the middle of the ocean
Chania Lighthouse at night
a lighthouse with a clock on the top is near a fence and grassy area by the ocean
Going Coastal
a large yellow building with a tower on top
Inchkeith Lighthouse, Firth of Forth Edinburgh, Scotland
an old lighthouse sits on top of a rock near the ocean with waves crashing around it
Tuskar Rock Lighthouse, Ireland
a black and white checkered lighthouse on the water
Photos of La Perdrix light
La Perdrix Lighthouse France - Situated at the entrance to the Pouldon estuary in Loctudy, Southern Finistere, France
a light house sitting on top of a sand dune
Rubjerg Knot Lighthouse by Ole A. Endresen / 500px
~~Rubjerg Knot Lighthouse | lighthouse resides on sea dunes along the northwest coast of Denmark. Due to sea erosion it is predicted that the lighthouse will be swallowed by the sea circa 2013 | by Ole A. Endresen~~
an old lighthouse sitting on top of the ocean in front of a cloudy blue sky
Fourteen Foot Bank in Delaware Bay
a tall brick tower with a flag on top in the middle of rocks and grass
Ploumanac'h Lighthouse, France- The station and the lighthouse were established /built in 1886 The lighthouse was then destroyed in 1944
a white and black light house surrounded by trees
Tawas Point Lighthouse, Tawas, Michigan
a light house sitting on top of a rock outcropping next to the ocean
BRITISH COLUMBIA | Stanley Park Lighthouse, Vancouver
a lighthouse in the middle of an ocean wave
“Ar-men Lighthouse - France. ”