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a woman is using a sewing machine to sew on her green fabric with text overlay
How to Get Started Sewing Clothes: A Beginner's Guide
Tela, Patchwork, Easy Sewing Crafts, Fat Quarter Sewing Projects, Kitchen Sewing, Sewing Machine Projects, Quilted Gifts, Small Sewing Projects
How to Make a Trivet with a Fat Quarter | Hearth and Vine
an older woman with glasses is holding something in her hand
DIY Fix for Tank Top Armhole Gaps...Fast!
I love this Black Crepe Tank Top...It Can be Dressed Up or Down...Casual or Fancy...BUT...the Gaps at the Armholes are Distracting and Totally Uncomfortable to Wear...And the Gaps Create a Direct View of All the Underpinnings...Ugh....Not a Pretty Look. Is This Tank a Toss??? NO!!With a Bit of So Sew Simple Magic, This Tank Can be a Real Winner...Here's the Hot Tip to Fix the Armhole Gaps...Fast and So Sew Simple! Ready to Get Rid of the Gaps??? Let's Go!!DIY Fix for Armhole Tank G…
a person is holding a pencil and cutting fabric
Short Legs? This Is the Best Way to Hem Your Pants
a sewing machine with the words learn how to use your singer
How to Use a Serger & Serger Techniques
someone using a sewing machine to sew on some fabric with the words random diy sewing alterations
Making Some Everyday Sewing Alterations | Sewing For A Living
how to altera sewing pattern
How to Alter a Sewing Pattern
We all know one of the most exciting parts about making a garment is picking out the fabric and cutting it all up in to pieces, but my advice to you is to be patient! First take a close look at your pattern – does it need to be altered? Sometimes it can be difficult to make alterations to a dress that has already been made up in the beautiful fabric that you found for $20 a yard. Then, if it doesn’t fit quite properly, the disappointment can send it to your closet for several months before you
a book cover with scissors and ribbon on it's side, which reads how to sharpen, clean and care for your scissors
How to Sharpen, Clean, and Care for Your Scissors
a white t - shirt that says how to hem lightweight knits on a seger
Best Serger Hems for Thin Knit Fabrics