this is actually so cute haha | exo chanyeol

Where can I find a anti dust mask like his? I neeeed it!

Exo Chanyeol #cute

Oh my gosh those blue contact lenses! I am soo dead


I lost count.

Chanyeol. So cute

Chanyeol looks stunning with white hair

Image de exo, chanyeol, and park chanyeol

image discovered by 刘红 :).

EXO'luXion 151121 : Chanyeol

EXO'luXion 151121 : Chanyeol<<< chanyeol this is taking the bucket hat trend a little to far

lost stars

Such a cutie ♥️


Chanyeol is so cute ☺️

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[Updated w/ HQ Scans] Chanyeol For Vivi Magazine ~Japan~ - Celebrity Photos


Chanyeol - 160609 ‘EX'ACT’ album contents photo Credit: Now and Then.

EXO'luXion 150817 : Chanyeol

Chanyeol - 150817 Exoplanet - The EXO’luXion in Hong Kong Credit: Enchantedyeol.

Cute Chanyeol EXO

160221 Chanyeol (Fan taken pic)



even looks good with mud on his face ❤❤❤❤

Chanyeol - 160921 Second official photobook ‘Dear Happiness’ - [SCAN][HQ] Credit: