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the poster for ponyo's movie is shown in front of a blue sky
Searching by Gokupo101 on DeviantArt
Searching by Gokupo101.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
two children are swimming in the ocean with fish and corals on the water surface
The Tangles
two children are playing with each other in the air
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Ponyo & Sosuke by miyuli, AAAAAAAAAAWWWW SO ADORABLE!
Ponyo Howl's Moving Castle, Ice Cream Drawing, Cream Drawing, Howls Moving Castle
two children are hugging each other in front of a pink background with hearts on it
Image #580691
Ponyo | Hayao Miyazaki | Studio Ghibli
an anime character sitting on the ground in front of some water and corals with bubbles
Tweet / Twitter
an anime character holding two children in the grass
Ponyo friends
two anime characters hugging each other with balloons in the sky behind them, one holding a teddy bear
ponyo by Pasuteru-Usagi on DeviantArt
ponyo by Pasuteru-Usagi.deviantart.com on @deviantART
an anime character is running through the water with her hair blowing in the wind while wearing a pink dress
the magic continues
an anime character holding a child with red hair and blue pants, in front of a colorful background
the magic continues
D'awww <3