Smile is Charity by on @deviantART

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh [peace be to you and God's mercy and his blessings] This time, I wanted to practice another coloring st. Smile is Charity

Autumn by on @deviantART

Assalamualaikum ^^ I Autumn but.there& no autumn season in my place. This art took me two days to finished it really satisfied with this one , Alhamdulillah --------------------------------------.

A Beautiful Story by ~Nayzak on deviantART

Assalaamu alaikum [Peace be to you] The Prophet Mohammed -peace be upon him- was born in 570 A. A Beautiful Story

Assalaamu alaikum [peace be to you], Continuing our series of Islamic etiquette, today we see the expression 'in sha'Allah'. Islamic etiquette - 02 - In sha'Allah