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you say, God says

Everyone needs to hear these things. God is my best friend. He gives me the strength to carry on. My whole life would be nothing without God. No matter who doesn't like me, I know God will always love me. I'm not afraid because of him.

The Shack. Man the end of that quote got me teary eyed

Our divine mission isn't to convert others into claiming Christianity as their religion, but simply providing them with love, forgiveness, and acceptance. While guiding them to the desire to bestow these things on to others as well

Trusting God When Life Changes: when you can't control the changes in your life, God is holding you up! Such a good read!

How to keep trusting God when life changes in ways we don't want or don't expect. But in this season where God has invited us to lay down all that we have known and step into something strikingly new, I am filled with hope.