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the music player is playing on her phone and it's showing an image of a woman laying in bed
tamah mami pokwang
a woman laying on top of a bed with her hand to her face and the words itawa naalang angg selos
the barbie doll is posing with her hand on her face, and text reads ganda ni sis kooh
ganda ni sis ko oh
the words nagbibro in front of an image of a purple triangle
a cartoon character with the caption, yes i'm poor poop you
Cyth hshs
Tagalog Quotes, K Meme, Tagalog
an animated image of a man with blue eyes and the caption says, tangnamo beh sumoobra kana ah
Ih, Ako, Random
Bad Girl Quotes, Mood Pics
an animated animal with blue eyes and big ears
a blurry image of a cat standing in front of a sign that says, no bettime?
Filipino Quotes, Funny Relatable Memes
an angry bird laying on top of a bed next to a tv screen with the words bagay nga kayo e