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It's sad. Only of cheetah cubs in the world make it to adulthood. Help these beautiful animals by donating to the Cheetah Conservation Fund. A whole cheetahs family, adorable.

Charging Rhino, Africa

Rhinos in hot pursuit, Erindi Game Reserve, Namibia. Photo by Kit Wilde. White rhinos can attain a speed of 31 mph, Indian rhinos get up to 34 mph, and black rhinos top out at 35 mph.

Von der Decken's sifaka (Propithecus deckenii) is a sifaka endemic to Madagascar. (Sifakas are a genus of lemur)

LEMUR- Von der Decken's Sifaka (Propithecus deckenii) is a sifaka native to Madagascar. Today, the Von der Decken's sifaka is listed as Vulnerable, but if habitat destruction continues in Madagascar it won't be long before it's Endangered.

Spotted! Dublin Zoo welcomes adorable baby tapir

Dublin Zoo is celebrating the birth of a Brazilian Tapir. The male calf, born on July 1 to mum Rio and dad Marmaduke, is the breeding pair’s second calf. Dublin Zoo is inviting people to suggest names for the male tapir calf based on his Brazilian origin.