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a man is opening his shirt with the flag on it
the cover of 28 de febrero dia de andalucia, written in spanish
a green background with the words in spanish
a green and white photo with the words blas infante in spanish on it
a map with the flag of andaluca in green, white and yellow
a woman in a red dress and black hat is dancing with a man on a guitar
Mosaico andaluz
an ornate iron gate with potted plants in the center and blue doors on either side
Seville, Andalusia, Spain
a view of a town and lake from the top of a hill with clouds in the sky
Pantano de Iznajar# Andalucia
the city is full of tall buildings and trees in the foreground, with a clock tower in the distance
Utrera#Jaen Spain
an aerial view of a city at sunset
Carmona #Sevilla
a snowy view of a town with mountains in the back ground and snow on the ground
Velez-Blanco Andalucia
a small village on top of a hill
Montefrio # Andalucia
a wooden bridge over a river surrounded by rocks and greenery on both sides, in the middle of a canyon
Rio Borosa # Cazorla # Jaen