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secretly wrecked inside
Peggy Nirmala
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Fall with your whole heart. And let yourself live through the memories and let yourself miss them and miss yourself within them. Let yourself fall in love with moments. But learn from your love.

. I just realized that I need a break, and maybe I just need to leave forever. I just don't have motivation to come here every day and pin, I do t know why but I don't have it and I'm so sorry about that. You can always message me - I'll answer when I see it and also if you want to ask me anything you can ask me on my account - link in the bio. Right now I won't be much here, but if I ever feel like I want to be back I will post :)

I just realized that I need a break, a pause to gather some strength and to let go of some people. That deep inhale before a sprint I guess.

beautifully put..

“I want you any way I can get you. Not because you’re beautiful or clever or kind or adorable, although devil knows you’re all those things. I want you because there’s no one else like you, and I don’t ever want to start a day without seeing you.


21 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Pretty cute ideas in here. I never would have thought but I actually read this before pinning it! Won't be 20 till jan but I'm starting early ;

I love this

This is so sweet! For anyone who has or is contemplating suicide, life gets better, trust me.

Sometimes I want to apologize for this, but if I can't change the feeling then . I will always love you bc I can't help it, even during the times I hate you. I can't do anything about it :P just love