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Paper Chromatography

An AUS-e-TUTE animation, not a lecture, on the technique of ascending paper chromatography suitable for High School Chemistry students. Get the complete tuto.

Principles of Ion exchange chromatography

The Principle of Ion Exchange Chromatography

How GC Columns Work

Learn how GC chromatography columns work. Thermo Scientific TraceGOLD GC Columns offer a leap in column performance by offering ultra low bleed, high levels .

Column Chromatography animation

Column Chromatography animation

Thin layer chromatography animation

Spartan calculated molecule structures and Blender rendered animation

HPLC-Chip Technology - How it Works

HPLC-Chip Technology - How it Works

Reversed-phase liquid chromatography animation RPLC

Animation showing the separation mechanism in a reversed phase liquid chromatography


This chromatography lecture explains about gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, paper chromatography, column chromatography etc.

Principles of Hydrophobic interaction chromatography

The Principle of Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography