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alpine's alpenglow hypercar to run on hydrogen in endurance track race for the first time
alpine's alpenglow hypercar to run on hydrogen in endurance track race for the first time
Outdoor, Museums, Architecture, Glass Museum, Architect, Museum, Sea Level Rise, History Of Glass, Cutting Edge Design
luca curci's floating glass museum celebrates venetian craft while tackling sea level rise
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MIT builds an open-source hydrogen electric motorcycle that runs on fuel cell
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invisibility shield 2.0 hides people in plain sight using next generation cloaking technology
Leather, Suv, Car, Automobile, Car Design, Hand Designs, Genesis, Film Set
genesis’ latest neolun SUV has swiveling front seats and screens that unfold from ceiling
Exterior, Residential Architecture, Interior, Industrial, Hotels, Kimpton Hotels, China Architecture
aerodynamic automotive design informs jinhua newenergy car-city square in china
Chandigarh, Kengo Kuma, Vitra Design Museum, Vitra Design, Design Museum, Design Company
VITRA design museum exhibition peers into the future of our energy landscape
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BMW unveils new vision neue klasse X with 3D sculpture, recycled textiles and ‘superbrains’
Mercedes Benz, Mercedes, Benz, S Car, Cardenas, Apollo, Robot, Automotive
apptronik’s robot ‘apollo’ to work in mercedes-benz’s facility and help manufacture their cars
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Next level home entertainment
Cars Motorcycles, Vera, Brembo, Keyless, Shoe Collection, City Streets, Electric Motor, Transportation Design
tarform releases vera, a keyless electric motorcycle for both city streets and muddy trails
Geek, World, Magnetic Levitation, Mestre, Route, Veneto
abracadabra! watch ironlev's magnetic levitation train make its driverless debut in italy
Ray Bans, Eyewear, Ray, Banned, Snowy Weather
ray-ban meta AI glasses can report history and explain science with new multimodal update
Fashion, Videos, Blood, Touch, Tech Watches, High Tech
high tech watch takes photos of blood vessels real-time to monitor heart rate anywhere
Shotaro Kaneda, Driving, Air Max, Self Driving, Sensor, Motorcycles And Scooter, Creative Studio
rivian’s latest R2 and R3 electric SUVs can drive on their own with 11 cameras and 5 sensors
Human Body, Body, Textiles, Objects Design, Body Heat, Drapery, Tech
researchers use nanodiamonds to weave high tech textiles that can cool people down
Bags, Nasa, Two By Two, Silica, Sturdy, House Styles, Bag Making, Portable Cd Player
coperni reveals new swipe bag made of 99% air using NASA’s silica aerogel
Layers, Holographic, Head Unit, Deutsch, Take Video, Virtual Assistant, Diy Fan
LAYER and deutsche telekom come up with holographic and emotive robot home assistants
Porsche, Supersport, Maserati Birdcage, Electric Bicycle, Porsche 964, Car Front
pininfarina's AR windscreen triples as car roof and windows in hydrogen-powered enigma GT
Wearable Technology, Augmented Reality, Labs, Usb, Inventions
open-source AR glasses use AI to translate languages, detect images, search web and more
Land Rover Defender, Races Style, Summer Sunglasses, Cool Technology, Retro Look, Modern Urban, Retro Vibe, 3d Printed Metal
XREAL debuts titanium AR glasses that turn physical objects into digital items at CES 2024
Headset, Concept Design, Car Brand, Geometric Shapes, Reality
morrama develops wearable mixed-reality glasses that flash apps and running games on eyes
Exploded View, Expedition, Roald Amundsen, Italian Design, Trip, Yacht, Carbon Fiber
pierpaolo lazzarini’s colossea mega-yacht features a detachable airship upper-structure
Samsung, Rings, Galaxy, Galaxy Ring, Sleep Pattern, Samsung Galaxy, Product Launch, Companion
samsung unveils galaxy ring, a smart AI-powered wellness companion at your fingertips
Perspective, Outer Space, Boeing, Galactic, Capsule, Space, New Shepard, Voyage
space perspective finishes building largest travel capsule ‘excelsior’ for flights out of earth
Smartphone, Porsche Design, Velvet Matte, Classic Leather, Motion Sensing
HONOR recreates porsche 911 sports car into foldable smartphone and more at MWC 2024
Street, Studio, Burgos, Evie, Street Light, Ev Charging
EVIE installs ports in street lamps to charge 2 electric vehicles at once while lighting up roads
Pavilion, Jantzen, Michael, Gravity, Urban Environment, Conceptual Design, Science, Public Art
michael jantzen's solar and gravity powered art and science pavilion is a kinetic installation
Elle Décor, Solar Panels, Timber Structure, Architecture Building, Ground Floor Plan, Architect Design, Stainless Steel Panels
bilgin architects dots turkish solar plant with a shimmering control center