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healing powers of hair

Did you know that the hair on your head actually has healing powers? Think about the sensation you get when you hairs stand on end, this usually happens

Doctors Mysteriously Found Dead After Raving About Breakthrough Cure For Cancer (VIDEO)

The medical community at large is a gasp as several holistic doctors were found dead after apparently committing “suicide” over the last year. The fatalities have seemingly occurred after a breakthrough cancer treatment was just


Double exposure portrait of an Asian woman and metropolitan city at dusk - stock photo

Daily Aspirin: More than just MI prevention

Although known for its cardioprotective effects, aspirin is now being touted as an anticancer drug.

Saffron: Exotic spice, Natural healer

Saffron is that rare plant known for centuries as an ayurvedic remedy used both in foods and as a remedy to various ailments.