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I want to see you too. I had a dream last night. To put it simply, there was a long moment where neither of us said anything, but we just mourned for all that had happened. We knew we're couldn't go back. But we stood there and saw each other, and grieved the loss of a beautiful friendship. I think it helped me have closure.

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I wish there was a start button, i wish it was that easy, but nopeeeeee not for crystal.

"You need to start living in real life, not imagination." "It's not imagination- to me, it is real life.

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Photos by kawanishi ryo ‘Neoteny’ is 'remaining young,’ and it may be ironic that it is so little known, because human evolution has been dominated by it. Humans have mistaken misery for maturity.

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With his cat like eyes and sharp jaw. His curly brown locks and perky ears it was hard to deny he was the feline's son.

Ondria Hardin stars in a romantic spread for the March 2016 issue of Vogue Australia. Photographed by Will Davidson …

Vogue Australia March 2016 Photography: Will Davidson Styled by: Christine Centenera Hair by sophie roberts makeup by kellie stratton Models: Ondria Hardin & Jimmy Young-Whitforde

Kinney hale

Kinney hale