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Adventure days with my baby. Your life shouldn't be wasted. Go & see those things you want to see. Stop looking at the pictures when you could be taking the pictures. Adventure is what I crave.

¡Hola! Aquí con este libro para ayudarlos con las fotos para sus portadas. Las fotos no son mías, son obtenidas del in...

“ Find your inside beautyness. For me, being beautiful inside is more important that being beautiful outside. Make-up is so good for that because it helps to show your personality.


We only believe that we are masters in our own house because we like to flatter ourselves. Actually, however, we are dependent to a startling degree upon the proper functioning of the unconscious psyche, and must trust that it does not fail us.

¿Necesitas fotos para hacer una portada? Fácil, solo abre éste libro … #detodo De Todo #amreading #books #wattpad

By Celine Armstrong Saying I love you has lost some meaning. While saying those three words can still be really hard when youre saying them to that special pers