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He is always in my heart, forever! And no other man will ever ever ever get my whole heart because he has it and I'll never get it back. And I'm quite ready to give him the rest of my heart, what scares me is what he'll do with it....I'm scared he gave it back to me and never wants it back.

I know you're up there dancin with my gramma. Please tell her I miss her more than any words can express. Please tell her I love her with all my heart. I try to make her proud, how'mi doin? Don't forget to check up on me from time to time, yea? I love you. and I love you gramma -jess

Nice Rest in Peace Sayings | Gone too soon. Rest In Peace my friend.

Inspirational Boys Bedrooms - Clean & Scentsible

kids room design with built in beds and daybeds

desire to inspire - - Tiny house

A bedroom idea for a teenage boy. My kids would love this bedroom!

Fabulous DIY IKEA Closet System for Under $100 ..Each unit is approx 40.00 @ IKEA! Do all 4 closets for 320.00! USE THE VERTICAL SPACE!!

Do you have a door problem at your house? You know, the kind of issue where you have a tiny space...