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oh Seb, one day you're going to meet me and realize I'm the one. hahaha

Longer list of fangirl problems! I relate to pretty much all of them except the poster up, I don't put up posters since I feel I'll basically die lmao instead most of my camera roll will be dedicated too them

It was also trying to read a sign in Hangul, but it was in English...

Or you start watching an American TV show/movie and your eyes immediately focus on the bottom of the screen looking for subs. And you miss the first few minutes of dialogue because you can't understand the language cause your ears are so ktuned to Korean.

Every. Single. Time. I'm sorry but it gets really annoying when someone says that they all look the same

Yixing Be Like ..

so true.does lay look like chen? Does Sehun look like Baekhyun?

Literally happened to me... I remember my friend showed me the Fire MV and I was like heck no then literally as soon as the Save Me MV came out I was up watching it before she even saw that it was uploaded. And I knew the whole song. THAT WAS ONLY A FOURTEEN DAY GAP!!! That means that I was listening to Kpop all throughout those fourteen days....I got hooked -BeautyandthePoet

Literally happened to me. I remember my friend showed me the Fantastic Baby MV (she wasn't a k-popper tho) as a joke, and now I'm in the K-Hole with no way out.

really ARMY?


Poor jimin Jimin's face could be related to all my problems. out of chocolate. ill never meet my oppa. no big deal.