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Heartthrob Kirk Cameron, before evangelical Kirk Cameron

ROLLED UP BLAZER SLEEVES -- Wasn't Kirk Cameron dreamy on 'Growing Pains?' Speaking of pains, that white blazer with the sleeves rolled up . well, let's just say you're lucky you're cute, Mike Seaver.

I had a HUGE crush on Kirk Cameron

Loved Kirk Cameron when I was a teen, probably had this pic hanging in my room

Teen Beat Magazine with Kirk Cameron on the cover *swoon*!

I remember combing through all the teeny bopper magazines at Piggly Wiggly, searching for the perfect one to buy while my grandma was shopping for groceries.

Kirk Cameron=Mike Seaver.  My walls were covered with him, lol

Hottest Teen Idols Ever

Kirk Cameron Best known for playing the mischievous Mike Seaver on Growing Pains the Tiger Beat poster boy also appeared in several made-for-TV movies including A Little Piece of Heaven and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

Star Search... American Idol circa 1980.    hehehe  ;)

every Saturday evening we tuned in.this is the true American Idol.Before there was Ryan Seacrest and American Idol there was Ed McMahon and Star Search!

Double Dare. I loved this show!

Double Dare game show on Nickelodeon (host Marc Summers) I always wanted to be on that show!

Jean jacket with pins - I was so cool and would buy my Rush, Journey, Van Halen, Def Leppard, and MTV pins at Spencer Gifts.

Acid washed jean jackets with pins! My favorite pin said "why be normal" and I wore it upside down.

things from past...Francine Pascal books

Twin Drama Returns in 'Sweet Valley Confidential'

sweet valley high series (book 1 by: Francine Pascal). I read these at the age of 12 and loved them, a new book came out every week that I can remember and mum would get me one. I nearly had the whole collection.