I like the natural looking fence at the top - maybe we need something like that near the top of our rock walls to guide where chilcren can climb

How to Make a Child-Friendly Garden

Natural playground, CT Awaken a sense of discovery in children AND parents

Check Out the First Natural Playground Built by Aspetuck Land Trust

North Canyon Nature Play Area: Silver Falls State Park Oregon

North Canyon Nature Play Area: Silver Falls State Park Oregon - Learning Landscapes - Professional Playscape Design in Portland, OR

how cool is this musical/sensory bamboo structure from Sounds and Senses?! You walk through the hanging bamboo, creating random music as you go. I LOVE it!

"Bamboo spiral: This gives an unusual auditory experience to anyone who ventures into the ‘forest’ of hanging bamboo poles - a version of surround sound!" - Sounds and Senses ≈≈ it's like an enormous wind chime.


Turn The Backyard Into Fun and Cool Play Space for Kids

Preschool Playgrounds: "It's Simply a Classroom": Natural Playscapes

Preschool Playgrounds: It's Simply a Classroom : Natural Playscapes. others to fill with pebbles/sticks/leaves/water

Welcome to Nature Play NZ - Nature Play NZ

Natural wood stacker - image shared by Awe Wonder ≈≈ OUR PLAY GROUND! Minus the awesome ocean behind it :(