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Dawson has been wanting to do some cut/ glue projects...I think we will do this for math this week!

Fact Family - but leave the numbers blank. Ask students how many people are in their family?

El arcoiris del 10 Hemos descubierto el ARCOIRIS del 10. Es muy importante conocer y dominar los complementarios del 10. Esto ayudará y agilizará mucho los cálculos mentales y operaciones que reali…

Materiales para trabajar los complementarios del 10

Ship Shape First Grade: Go Math and a Freebie 120 Chart!

Ship Shape First Grade: Go Math and a Freebie 120 Chart! Color one a day to count days of the year?

Here's a huge set of printables for practicing fact families. These are self-correcting, fact family flash-cards.

First Grade School Box: Fact Family Cards. Free Printables to make a self correcting math box game.

Making Numbers activities and hands on centers to practice decomposing numbers in such fun ways

Place Value Cards perfect for classroom games and center activities. Hundreds, Tens & Ones (Units) included. This packet is full of Place Value fun perfect for 2nd and 3rd Grade (Grade 2 and 3). Worksheets and hands on tasks also included.

Place Value: Games, Activities and Worksheets

Teaching Maths with Meaning: Understanding Place Value Take Will have to make with numbers for fourth graders!

Freebie!!!Morning Work Math Freebie. This Christmas Elf themed worksheet is perfect for filling in the numbers before and after a given number (0-20)

+ This+freebie+is+an+example+of+the+type+of+worksheet+you+might+find+in+my+best+selling++ Christmas+Morning+Work+Packet or+my+newest+packet+in+this+series: Winter+Math+Packet+ Or+bundle+up+and+save+on+them+both: Christmas+and+Winter+Math+Bundle Enjoy!

fact family practice

Domino Math Worksheets: Composing and Decomposing Numbers

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Fact Families

T's First Grade Class: Fact Families Incorporate fact families and vowels/consonants

Trick or FREEBIE!! Fact Family Haunted Houses

Trick or FREEBIE!!

And that's my freebie for you today.the template for making your own Fact Family Haunted Houses! You can do this activity with either add.

FREEBIE!  Fact Family Cones (cut and paste)

Fact+Families+Worksheet+(cut+and+paste) If+your+students+need+some+extra+practice+with+Fact+Families+then+this+worksheet+is+for+you! This+page+is+from+my+Fact+Families+Printables+Packet.++Click+the+link+below: Fact+Family+Printables