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Scripture: "Lord, may my children see a marriage worth imitating when they look at our marriage." –Ephesians - yes my vision is that God will show my children miracles through my marriage restoration and they will want a marriage like ours someday .

25 Verses To Pray Over Your Husband --- I believe that prayer is a vital part of a successful marriage, because you are inviting Christ into your marriage to shape each of you as He desires. It is not up to you to change and shape your husband, it is up to Christ, after all He knows so much bet… Read More Here http://unveiledwife.com/25-verses-to-pray-over-your-husband/ #marriage #love

25 Verses To Pray Over Your Husband

Unveiled Wife Do you pray over your husband? You have a unique opportunity to pray very intimate prayers for him because you are so close to him! Here are 25 verses you can pray over your hubby this week!

Over the weekend, I read The Unveiled Wife, by Jennifer Smith. Over 230 pages. In 36 hours. It was that good. So I'm giving away a copy at the end of this post! And yes, I didn't…

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I really need to commit to daily devotional time with solitude and prayer for my husband and my children; even if that means sacrificing that extra hour of sleep every morning - what a great way to start each day.

How a good wife should be in 1955... I'm So Glad I LIVE NOW!!! And I Thank GOD my MOTHER was STRONG and didn't follow those CHAUVINIST RULES!!!

I'm putting this in my humor board because it is damn funny. Sorry babe, call me a bad wife but I am must be a bad wife. This stuff is so not happening.

Story of reconciliation after an affair.   I received this testimony from a wife in the Unveiled Wife Community, a wife who desired to remain anonymous. I am grateful for her bravery to share her st | Encouragements For Wives, Infidelity, Marriage Testimonies

Never Stop Praying For Your Husband

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How to love like a 1 Corinthians 13 wife. Click through to get a beautiful i1 Corinthians 13:4-8 printable.

How to Love Like a 1 Corinthians 13 Wife