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Own Your Truths x Set Yourself Free • . . Accountability • #CiciB #thecrimsonkiss

Learn from this experience S you can do better next time. We lost our chance a long time ago. I'm sorry for all the hurt. But you hurt me more than you know. No matter how strong we act.

Accountability •  own your truths x set yourself free  #Cicib #thecrimsonkiss

I've given chance after chance, you're the reason it blows up in your face, every time! I simply cannot be around your negativity any longer, I wish and pray for you to find peace. Enjoy being alone for the rest of your life✌

We women fuck up too you know, and we don't do ourselves any favours by refusing to admit that. . Own Your Truths x Set Yourself Free . #CiciB #thecrimsonkiss (all of my books are available through the link in my BIO, and across all Amazon channels ONLY )

It wasn't him that was fucking up, it was me holding on for too long. false hope is a bitch when they give you empty promises to sleep with at night

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"I've told him for 26 years to stop drinking. and if he ever did want to change he would've a long time before.

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Sometimes they just don't get that after you let the wounds heal, that that part of you is stronger than before,.and though you are kind, you will not allow them to hurt you anymore. When you realize you're worth it.