Handmade item Materials: Stone Gemstone: Moldavite Raw stone Gem color: Green Band color: Silver Description This listing is for a single 925 Rough Moldavite Sterling Silver Ring, a few options are pictured to show the natural variation in the stone. Moldavite is a transparent to translucent stone that is light to deep green in hue. It has a bottle green glass look. This stone was discovered near the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia and was introduced in 1786. Moldavite translates from Greek to mean Molten. Moldavite is believed to be an extraterrestrial stone brought to earth by a meteoric impact. Once molten, it is found in droplets and oval formations. It reminds us that our lives are in Synchrony with the Universe, therefore, Moldavite represents Extraterrestrial and Synchronicities. The Bijoux, Metal, Piercing, Raw Gemstone Ring, Moldavite Jewelry, Sterling Silver Jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Handmade Ring