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V 뷔. not a single drop of mercy in his veins … BTS 방탄소년단

This fandom never get chill... J-Hope

this fandom never get chill

What is wrong with our ARMY? Wait, even i would have done that if i had this idea :v

yoonminsuck: “a cutie and his lollipop ”

A Cutie and his lollipop with another cutie sitting behind~💕

BTS Jimin ♡ so cute~

JIMIN everyone the great ruiner of bias lists, the jamless one and now the frickin sexy koala<----- jimin needs to learn how to control his adorable behavior

BTS || Jimin || Jungkook

Ok like with this pic is like Jungkook finally realized his feelings for jimin but jimin doesn't feel the same now and jimin likes jhope and Jungkook is still trying to get jimin back

tumblr_of3dosZCIj1qjrxilo4_400.gif (268×350)

tumblr_of3dosZCIj1qjrxilo4_400.gif (268×350)