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Odds Are, You Probably Don't Exist

you are pretty much a miracle. do with that what you choose, but you are a pretty important miracle.

A Perspective On Time #Infographics — Lightscap3s.com

A Good Perspective On Time - #humor #Infographics

Humans are good at a lot of things, but putting time in perspective is not one of them. It's not our fault - the span of time in human history, and ev

http://stem.kapiolani.hawaii.edu/    "In a room of 25 engineers, only 3 will be women."     The goal of the STEM program is to enhance the quality of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics instructional and outreach programs at KapCC, as well as to increase the number of STEM students transferring to four-year degree programs as they prepare for careers in the STEM disciplines.

Girls Are Smarter Than Boys, So What Goes Wrong In Math And Science? [Infographic]

Girls are smarter than boys, but where are the women in math and science? This infographic shows clearly that we need to change the paradigm around gender in STEM education.

Is Job Stress Killng You?

Infographic of the day: The most stressful (and less stressful) jobs in the world. Guess what? SLPs and Audiologist are in the top 10 least stressful jobs.

The Psychology of Percentage [Infographic]

Infographic similar to the book "If The World Were A Village" - A view global statistics if the population of the world was 100 people.

Geek vs Hipster !!!  Hahaha Now i know what a hipster is! Soo a geek. Lol especially on the movie side!

Our last infographic on geeks vs nerds got a hell of a lot of traffic. We see it fit to now post the geek vs hipster infographic.

Happy #Halloween! If you still don't have a halloween costume, here are a few awesome costume ideas from throughout the years in this infographic!

V, movies, and celebrities have always been a huge influence on Halloween costume choices. But, what are the most popular pop culture Halloween costumes?

This infographic provides a comparison of agroecology versus industrial agriculture.

How to feed the world without destroying it [Infographic]