With just a few months left before Disney’s next animated feature hits the cinemas, it’s time we start paying closer attention to the world created for Big Hero 6. Animation World Network was given access to some early concept art for the movie and was able to talk with Don...

“BIG HERO – Animators use character model sheets like this one of Hiro Hamada as a guideline that showcases the character’s range of facial expression. Drawings by Jin Kim.

Here's today's warm up Hope you like her! I have some plans for my warm ups but I'll let you guys know about my idea next Monday Warm Up 7

Frozen-Elsa concept art by Jin Kim. Lovely. Just absolute perfection

Disney Frozen Directors Interview

Frozen-Elsa concept art by Jin Kim. Whenever I see concept art for Frozen, I'm just struck by the fact that they could have done so much more with her character. Kind of a shame, but that's just my opinion.

concept art from Pocahontas

Concept art of Pocahontas by Glen Keane from Disney's "Pocahontas". Over 50 animators were involved in designing the character of Pocahontas.

Profile View The female face when viewed from the side has some subtle differences when compared to the male face. This means that all the features that can be used to reinforce the masculinity of a character should be reversed when it comes to a feminine figure. Here's an example:

The female form can be difficult to draw, whether in a realistic style or cartoon style. This is because the many books and lessons we& presented with often teach us extensively the male form.


50 Beautiful Pieces Of Concept Art From Classic Disney Movies

Living Lines Library: Lady and the Tramp - Character Design > Model Sheets & Production Drawings

Tangled Concept Art and Character Art

the-disney-elite: “Jin Kim’s model sheets for Mother Gothel from Disney’s Tangled. Via: The Art of Tangled ”

Anna and Elsa facial expressions from Disney's FROZEN (2013) by Jin Kim

Anna and Elsa facial expressions from Disney's FROZEN (2013) by Jin Kim

Lili e il Vagabondo

Walt Disney Sketch of Tramp and Lady from "Lady and the Tramp" by Frank Thomas. HD Wallpaper and background photos of Walt Disney Sketches - Tramp & Lady for fans of Walt Disney Characters images.