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Oh goodness. Ur titled the sexy member of No! You can not b pure! <<< Pinning for comment!

A walk-through of Jackson Wang in "Confession Song" MV | allkpop Meme Center

A walk-through of Jackson Wang in "Confession Song" MV - Jackson what even are you


BamBam Jackson BamBam is me when I actually try and look no and Jackson is when I don't care and just ready to go

You flirt

If I was a famous singer. This us exactly what I would do, also he knows what to do to get the fans crazy.

I KNOW THIS ISNT BTS BUT IT FITS SO WELL this disease also spread to jungkookie (kcon la)

Who's Bam Bam? I only know Dab Dab<--Dear God. Lol but seriously, can we just get rid of the dab?

Youngjae and cucumbers are nonexistent

Damn he hates cucumbers freaking muchI knew that he doesnt like cucumbers but I didnt know that his hate was that 'big'

funny, JB, and got7 image

Omg but I liked his hair when he got it permed it was cute qho else liked it