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Got7 and Bangtan hahaha XD the last one

and Bangtan- don't really know BTS really well yet, but I plan on it. At the moment Rap Monster is my fave. I have a feeling he's a different kind of trouble maker than Jackson.

The courts are so vibrant and lively, the songs are so upbeat, definitely is going to be one of my favourite comebacks

Apparently Canada has Love Yourself: Her albums in Walmart lmao brb sprinting to Walmart

GOT7... Husband material ❤️ it's killing me more because JB is my bias.... Omggggg

Husband material ❤️ Jackson and JB - wow this is just soooo cute and sweet.

Mom what are you doing you're embarrassing me…

Mom what are you doing you're embarrassing me…

XD Jin and Jungkook wondering why his hyung is acting weird

It runs in the maknae<<omg "it's runs in the maknae"<<<<< in confused are you trying to correct that person? Bc it's failed. "It runs in the maknae" makes sense but " It's runs in the maknae - or IT IS runs in the maknae" doesn't COME ON PEOPLE GRAMMER ITS NOT THAT HARD!!!

It runs in the maknae freind ok I best Jungkooks face rubbed of onto Yongyoem