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Found this from coaching cheerleading and I personally just started this and im sore for dayss. best ab workout ever!

Pinner said>>Found this from coaching cheerleading and I personally just started this and im sore for dayss. best ab workout ever!

6 min HIIT & Ab Shred Workout. Doing ab workouts is not enough to develop a firm and flat stomach. You have to speed up your metabolism with #cardio. Mixing plyometric moves with ab exercises is a great way to get it all done in one. Make sure to keep a clean diet for optimal results.

For most people today, staying fit and healthy is not enough without flat or defined abs. And don’t ever think that by depriving yourself from food helps you achieve such. How to get a flat stomach…

3 Tricks To 6 Pack Ab's. This Muscle Secret Was Developed By Female Bodybuilders To Get Jacked Fast.

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Fitness Tips - Eat Right and Stay Fit | Fitness Tips * Click on the image for additional details. #RogueFitness

12 Minute Standing Up ABS - You don't have to get on the floor to have great ABS. Lets work your core standing up. Take my FREE 7 Day Hot and Healthy Body Ch.

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Your Best Body Meal Plan: Week 4

Dumb Bells Only HIIT Workout. This is a great site full of home and crossfit workouts with demonstrations! LOVE THIS! ajs 1)plank row burpee 2)wood choppers 3)thrusters 4)crazy russian twist 5)sumo squat row

Dumb Bells Only HIIT Workout - Blonde Ponytail Plank row to burpee, woodchops, thrusters, crazy russian twists, sumo squat w/ row

Brooke Burke-Charvet's 1-Minute #Workout for your abs, legs, and butt! | Health.com

Brooke Burke-Charvet's One-Minute Workout

Brooke Burke-Charvets One-Minute Workout The Dancing with the Stars co-host shares her favorite quick-and-easy exercises for your abs, legs, and butt.

Cheerleader Legs

Who doesn't love a good pair of Cheerleader legs? This leg workout is designed around specific cheerleading moves and strengthening techniques used to coach .

medicine ball interval workout.  Med ball workouts are the best. If you have been trying to get rid of the little extra it really works out the abs.

Medicine Ball Interval Workout

Medicine Ball Interval Workout: 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 30 rounds total Medicine Ball Burpees Sit ‘n Reach Russian Twist Basketball Jump Squats Medicine Ball Plank Toe Tap Soccer Drill

Postural Correction For: Neck and back pain Why: The first step in alleviating an aching neck and back is to correct your posture, as that’s a major contributor to pain, notes Dr. Yoav Suprun, a physical therapist in Miami, Florida. Think about how you’re sitting at this very instant. Slouched? …

Back Exercises

The star reveals the sculpting circuits she does with trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche in her two new Transform Your Body with Brooke Burke DVDs, Tone & Tighten and Strengthen & Condition. Here's a sneak peek.

Look Like Brooke: Brooke Burke's Workout

For abs/obliques! It’s hard a first and it’s no fun but man you can feel it! 4 sets of 20

Ab workout

Get Fit Fast for Summer (On a Budget)

Bye-bye thunder thighs!  Check out these thigh thinning exercises just in time for summer.

58 Game-Changing Exercises That’ll Transform Your Thighs