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A feature of the vectoring exaust of the Sukhoi Flanker-E

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Hunting tiger, a rear view of a German Jagdtiger, tank destroyer....

Hunting tiger, a rear view of a German Jagdtiger, tank destroyer.

Mi 17 machine gunner operator

Mi 17 machine gunner operator

Bravo 90 Detachment

Bravo 90 Detachment

LVT 7 and BMP-3F Marine Corps

Leopard tanks of Indonesia Army parade during the anniversary of Indonesia Military or Tentara Nasional Indonesia (TNI)

M1-A2 Abrams

My quick and dirty top tanks for each "need".Please note ahead of time that my placing of the Leopard in the celebrity category will enra.

10 Top Facts About Jackie Chan - https://www.funklist.com/top-facts-about-jackie-chan/

There are many top facts about Jackie Chan that you really don't know. You recognize him as martial arts experts but he has many hidden traits as well.

These Quadruped Robots Double as Japanese Garden Lamps - IEEE Spectrum To me they look like Glados minions

There are more and more robots for different purposes. Alvaro Cassinelli, an artist based in Tokyo, just gave them one more: he turned robots into