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Rp 221 Triliun Kerugian Akibat Kebakaran Hutan

Rp 221 Triliun Kerugian Akibat Kebakaran Hutan

Rp 221 Triliun Kerugian Akibat Kebakaran Hutan - Katadata News

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"Sticky Teaching" - Smart Teaching, understanding what a brain can't ignore (infographic, from Chris Lema) these verses! All year I've been trying to study and mimic how Jesus, the Great Teacher, taught. Good reminder for me!


The Fall of a Nation [Infographic]

masih mengeluh soal #JakartaBanjir ? Think again

masih mengeluh soal #JakartaBanjir ? Think again

Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Other Infographics - Water infographic. Why You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water. Reasons to Stop Drinking Bottled Water.

Is climate change about to claim its first cities? - Agenda - The World Economic Forum

A new study suggests some parts of the Middle East could become uninhabitable due to climate change.

Beneath the biases of intuition, or how your experiencing self and your remembering self shape your life – cerebral candy from legendary psychologist and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman.

How the Difference Between Your Experiencing Self and Your Remembering Self Shapes Your Happiness

The oldest living things in the world, meals from beloved books cooked and photographed, a visual history of mapping the cosmos, the unusual stories behind