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Reagan GRAPHIC I think that we could use this for a student feature (how their day progresses).

Huck magazine | Magazine Designing


I really like how the vector image flows between the spread creating a cohesive design. The image leads the eye across the page and keeps up with the body copy.

Lighting & Windows vector colourful magazine spread

The illustrations are really good addition to the magazine layout. Besides just having the photographs Lighting & Windows vector colourful magazine spread

I love the design of these, they have a great layout and the style and color really suites the location, and they are a unique cut

Les brochures et catalogues avec un design original ! - Inspiration graphique #7

"This and brochure design for local Pennsylvania attraction, Crystal Cave Park, is both stunning AND brilliant design. Well done Keith Lowe, well done." This is brilliant.

... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

I love the layout of this magazine I love the timeline, and how the whole magazine is unified with certain colors- like the greyscale photos and the blue font

Édition - Brochure d'un festival de jazz par l'Atelier de graphisme Martino & Jana. Illustrations par Sofia Leite.

Blending photos and text together without making things look blocky is hard and this designer did a neat job. This layout has a really nice hand-made edge, the colour scheme works really well with the illustration and the text

Modern Triangles Magazine

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