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Bébé Koala

These pictures made me happy! I need a koala as well as all the other creatures. The 25 Most Adorably Important Moments In Koala History

Baby kolala

I can't wait to care for the koala bears at the koala hospital in Australia!

Baby koala

An adorable baby koala is seen enjoying a snooze after a traumatic start to life. The baby koala, nicknamed “Blondie Bumstead”, is being cared for by a volunteer from the Ipswich Koala protection society in Queensland after her mother was killed b.

Spring, in Australia, has heralded the arrival of more tiny paws at Taronga Zoo, with two new Koala joeys emerging from the pouch to the delight of keepers and visitors.

Koalas are very cute and are unique to Australia! Be sure to visit Australia to see some Koalas!

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Koala Lula By Irina Vnukova - Bear Pile (you sure that's not a stuffy?

This real baby koala cuddling a fake koala. | The 24 Most Important Australian Animal Gifs Of All Time

The 24 Most Important Australian Animal Gifs Of All Time

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110 Baby Animals Looking Sad

would say that the animal I am most like is a Koala bear. Koala's are always sleeping and eat a lot like me! They also have very thick fur just like I have very thick hair! Koala's are also pretty small like I am short. Koala's are my favourite animal!