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here I am trying to live a sin-free life and then you go and do that. It's always the ones you trust who hurt you.why must you inflict such pain on me! On another note what good deed must I have committed to be blessed in such a way!

My sunshine|| JUST BTS JIMIN

jimiyoong: ““little sunshine” ”


Do they even know how badly they hurt us by doing something so small?

박보검 < 구르미 그린 달빛 > 제10장 160920 [ 원출처 : 웨이보 주소 모름 , 2차출처 : 디시 구르미갤러리 ]

Name: Park Bo-Gum Hangul: 박보검 Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

Jimin never fails to kill me TT^TT

I hate how the kpop labels .And them get whitewashed like what's the need? Their a natural beauty.