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#Glee - #MikeChang

#Glee - #MikeChang

puck is like "OMG IS THAT THE TEACUP RIDE SANTANA WE HAVE TO GO ON THE TEACUP RIDE"    puck/teacups 4ever <3

Lots of Glee

#Glee - Mike Chang

#Glee - Mike Chang

Seriously, Finn is my favorite. I really hope they keep a lot of him during Season 5. #Glee

Rachel Berry - 4 types of crying. Glee<<< But the when someone she loves dies .


Remember when Glee was a thing?

Klaine is my drug.

My OTP’s include: CrissColfer {Chris Colfer & Darren Criss}, Klaine {Kurt Hummel & Blaine Anderson} from: “Glee”, Coliver {Connor Walsh & Oliver Hampton} from: “How To Get Away With.