Stitchy Stitcherson: Greenbeanbaby Embroidery Patterns!!!

♒ Enchanting Embroidery ♒ embroidered Mermaid girls Cutesie Digital Embroidery Patterns by greenbeanbaby

Love the flowers in her hair!

This would make an adorable angel face with appliqué fabric wings and robe.

Stumpwork Sheep  Ewe's Not Fat, Ewe's Fluffy!

Placed in my Irish board b/c of sheep///Stumpwork Sheep Embroidery Pattern by Theflossbox on Etsy. 3 simple stitches- so effective!

Now these are cute

Little mermaids coloring pages One of the Baby Mermaid Coloring Pages - 2321 for your kids to print out and find similar of Little mermaids coloring pages Baby Mermaid Coloring Pages - 2321

Embroidery Pattern Instant Download Girl in a by TamarNahirYanai, on Etsy, this shop has many wonderful designs and kits.

Embroidery Patterns Baby Girl Girl in a Red par TamarNahirYanai Rinds me of work my grandmother used to do.

Embroidery Pattern Needlecraft Design Instant by TamarNahirYanai

Gone are the days for hand stitching to be something your grandma does. These adorable stitching patterns will convince you that hand stitching can be cute and modern, and fit for any age.


Vintage stitched embroidery of embroidery Loved this piece of embroidery. Will have to look for something like it at Canton next time.