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WowShack | 11 Fascinating Japanese Propaganda Flyers

11 Fascinating Japanese Propaganda Flyers

Propaganda is a powerful tool. We’ve collected, some of the flyers displayed during the Japanese Empire’s occupation of the Dutch East Indies, modern Indonesia, during World War II. Here are 11 Fascinating Japanese Propaganda Flyers…

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COLLECTIE_TROPENMUSEUM_Grote_reclameaffiche_voor_het_Ierse_bier_Burkes_Guinness_Stout_TMnr_4884-36.jpg (616×800)

Bouilla Baise Work in progress: Advertising from Colonial Indonesia .

Saja orang Marine, toeroetlah saja! : Koninklijke Marine.  Poster propaganda Belanda untuk merekrut warga Indonesia menjadi angkatan laut Belanda

A young dark-haired man in a sailor's uniform smiles at the viewer. On the band of his hat are the words "Koninklijke Marine" (Royal Netherlands Navy).

Dayak_Sumber_Koleksi Museum Belanda (By. Dasa Novi Gultom)Sungguh tergelitik, melihat teman di media sosial alias Medsos membagikan link tulisan mengenai…

Indonesia, Java ~ Wild adventure - Central Borneo island: Photo Documentation: The Dayak Head Hunter from Kalimantan In Search of the headhunting tribes of Borneo