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Benedict looks like the nerd that wants an A in the first one while Martin thinks he's got it. Then Martin is copying of Benedict in the second one. And by the Third one, Martin has corrupted Benedict into not studying. WELCOME TO SHERLOCK HIGH

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A comparison of script readings for three series of Sherlock. For Series Martin will probably be sitting in Benedict's lap.


That's a good looking poster, especially for fan work. Sherlock poster, London in the Fog- Cumberbatch being mysterious // 11 x 17 Print on Etsy,

I can just hear the buttons screaming in agony. Twice as many buttons as in previous seasons ;P

SHERLOCK (BBC) ~ Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson & Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes *those buttons are desperately trying to stay together I say "no please, if you're tired just let go, let go"*