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Maintain a strong relationship during pregnancy thanks to these 7 suggestions

It's important to maintain a strong relationship with your significant other during pregnancy. Check out these 7 suggestions for advice on what to do for your relationship during pregnancy.

One of the most exciting and daunting parts of having a baby is that first week you bring them home. Whether it’s your first child or your fourth child, it’s a learning process, transitioning your newest little one into your world and family life. You get to know your little one and they get to …

Surviving Your First Week Home With Baby


Kinesio Tape For Pregnancy & Pregnancy Back Pain. Also Use Kinesio Taping To Improve Diastasis Recti More Commonly Called Mommy Pooch Post Delivery. Helps To Support The Core Until Muscles Repair Themselves.

Has anyone done the Ramzi's method to determine the baby's gender? - BabyCenter  Shut up....

Has anyone done the Ramzi's method to determine the baby's gender?

I'm really really hoping I finally get to see my first ultrasound come this wednesday and know whether it's a boy or girl.) Baby's gender, based on first ultrasound.


Sweet Leigh Mama: What Does 10 cm of Dilation Really Look Like? A Visual Guide. You have to get as big as a BAGEL down there to have a baby! Had no idea!

There are a lot of food restrictions when you're pregnant. If you find yourself wondering if certain foods are safe to eat, you'll find answers here.

Can Pregnant Women Eat This? 35+ Food Questions Answered

Minus pineapple [known to induce contractions/early miscarriage in some women] - ALSO many teas are not pregnancy safe, particularly herbal teas.