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Top 30 sad Quotes #quotes

Top 30 sad Quotes

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I Become A Master At Breaking My Own Heart. Holding Back. My Life.

Top 25 Famous Sad Quotes on Images #sadness quotes

Top 25 Famous Sad Quotes on Images

But I can smile and hide for the sake of others. So I guess that's all that matters right?

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This describes me so perfectly. I absolutely hate how closed off I become in social situations.

I never thought that some/most quiet people were like this. I'm a type of person who can share their emotions very easily. I never thought quiet people can be like this. It's so sad to me.

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The piece that is most damaged its been through the most and learns the most and usually knows what's best to keep you from getting hurt again some people call it the darker side

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Every night she lies awake Blaming insomnia. But it's her troubled thoughts That keep her restless. Wondering if she will ever Find peace with her mind. - how I often feel.