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Fabric dyed using a variety of resist techniques. "lisa matthias combined several techniques to create this amazing fabric: stencil, batik, applique and plangi. (from the dyer's art: ikat, batik and plangi by jack lenor larsen,

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Asia Major styling inspires #AW2012

Asia Major styling inspires #AW2012

TexturasY❤B <> Jacobean patterned crafting paper for Christmas projects, made in Italy

Batik Motif Yogyakarta: Batik Winotosastro: Traditional Batik

Batik Winotosastro makes traditional Indonesian batik fabric with only hand-waxing and dyeing methods. Yogyakarta's generation traditional batik makers are proud to pass on our cultural heritage. Discover how to batik in a fun batik workshop.

1stdibs | Cirebon Batik - Traditional cloud pattern (Central Java, Indonesia)

Cirebon Batik

A Batik sarong made of very finely woven cotton.The island of Cirebon has a large indigenous Chinese population and its batiks feature Chinese cloud designs. This example has eight colors and is meticulously executed.