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That last part is só true i lost sight of what was importante and lost it all

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Scorpio escaping from the world.- thank you Internet for justifying my life. Yep this is my life. I need space to recharge and create myself a life detox!

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ZODIAC SCORPIO FACTS - Scorpio think more than they speak and have the sharp ability to distinguish between truth and lies.

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Scorpio’s are often depressed and lonely because they shut people out or invest so much in relationships and get nothing in return.

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Not into zodiac stuff, but this hits too hard to not pin! "Scorpios most likeable trait. And it's true that they do NOT make false promises. If the Scorpio Man gives his word, he will deliver without fail. You can bank on that!

Oh wow this has been me!!! I've been learning to just hold it in and walk away because exactly I am afraid of myself and what I might do!!! That in itself is a scary thing!

Normally don't pin astrology but this really does fit me. Scorpio & Anger: Fortified and Vicious. Yes, not afraid of you, afraid of what your actions will bring out in myself

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Aside from the sexy bull, I honestly agree with the majority of this. Yes, that "sex" thing with Scorpios is very overstated.