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You have to ask the right questions to receive the answers you want. #masterofverbalmanipulation

Scorpio Deepest Secret: For Scorpio, there are a lot of things that are kept secret, and they p.

Yes, us November babies are the realist

Really, a coincidence, and more likely so (with so many others whom can relate yet aren't Scorpios). Regardless, how the heck is this so accurate.

Scary true, Although Virgo and Scorpio have different crharacteristics, when both of them meet, the relationship surprisingly often work out well. The Virgo t^ends to be shy and - Click for more info

Libra woman and Sagittarius man relationship looks promising since their initial phase. Libra woman likes taking care of Sagittarius man.

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I usually hide it until I know I won't be rejected. I don't know how to handle rejection well so I need to be before I commit.