Scary true, Although Virgo and Scorpio have different crharacteristics, when both of them meet, the relationship surprisingly often work out well. The Virgo t^ends to be shy and - Click for more info

Need of loyalty and love builds the strong base for Libra woman and Scorpio man relationship. Scorpio man wants to be in committed relationship while Libra woman likes to have good companion.

Zodiac squad

Zodiac squad

Hey I'm doing fine and I know I'm out of line so lets sing this one more time it goes destination PERMANENT VACATION

[signs as Permanent Vacation lyrics] "my chest hurts cause my heart keeps breaking" -pisces

Don't touch my stuff! Hahaha. But really, don't touch my stuff.

What virgos hate.People who whine! Esp those who do it unnecessarily; those who pretend they are incapable, when the moon and his mother know they can! Stop moaning & get on with the job!


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Oh wow this has been me!!! I've been learning to just hold it in and walk away because exactly I am afraid of myself and what I might do!!! That in itself is a scary thing!

Normally don't pin astrology but this really does fit me. Scorpio & Anger: Fortified and Vicious. Yes, not afraid of you, afraid of what your actions will bring out in myself