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TATTOO IDEA: FIRE IS - FOREVER Celtic Dragon- each rider has this medallion, and inside the medallion is a gem that looks like a dragon eye. The eye is the color of the Elemental they possess.

Tribal winged dragon

This is & completed commission of a vertical tribal dragon design. I do apologize for the obnoxious watermarks but they have been put in place to help cut down on the prolific theft of my artwork .

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Tattoo Names Draco. I would do this for my Daughter, she is year of the dragon. I would put a Taurus symbol at the end of it's tail.

Cute Phoenix Tattoo 2011 Tattoos Cute Phoenix Tattoo 2011 Tattoos 2 Design 510x966 Pixel

The rising Phoenix bird symbolizes the ability to rise above a troubled life. This tatto idea looks like it was made for me

celtic dragon v1.4 by    Dragon knot reference

dragon in celtic style. i'm very satisfied inspiration - tattoo studio zagreb - zele celtic dragon 2

DRAGON DREAMS by on @deviantART

this is another in my series of hand drawn dragons that i have done in the last month, hb pencil on single ply bristol about 11 x 17 or you can see the color version here